Working Abroad: Why It Isn’t For Everyone

Not everyone is willing to settle for a job or position that they feel does not suit their interests or is not worth their talent, so these are the people who look for better opportunities and once they find something that appeals to them, they will get it even if it means travelling overseas to a completely different time zone, because they are go-getters by nature. Of course not everyone can follow the same example since we are each different in our way of achieving things.

The idea of moving overseas is often romanticized and glamorized for us since a young age. You don’t even necessarily have to know the language there, you can find numerous companies and other different sectors offering jobs in Berlin for non German speakers as well.

While it does sound nice to just pack up and move to a new country and ‘experience’ a new culture, it is not for everyone. You have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to be able to work abroad. You have to be willing to move away from the comfort and familiarity of your home and loved ones to go to a completely new country with a different culture and way of life and are expected to start over.

It takes time to adjust, especially when families are also involved in the move and can create tension as well incase things are not going well. In case families are not involved in the move, rifts can be created because of the time difference due to different time zones. You also miss out on major events back at home as well, plus homesickness is a given. So, while working abroad can be a good opportunity, it requires a lot of sacrifice as well. You can find numerous listings for jobs in Berlin for non German speakers in case you are interested in working in Germany.