What Should You Expect When You Go For a Reiki Session?

Since many of our readers are new to the concept of Reiki,we will today be sharing the ins and outs of Reiki and what is it really like to have Reiki administered. Many people have asked us that what a typical Reiki session feels like so answer those queries, we will today explain the general settings of a Reiki session.

There is no standard time or method of a Reiki session. A session can be practiced anywhere but a quiet and undisturbed place is generally recommended. Most Reiki masters play soft music in the background which helps you to be at ease and relax but it is entirely up to the recipient’s discretion to play the music or not. The recipient in a Reiki Therapy is clothed and either sitting or lying down, which ever seems comfortable. The session involves light touches to the head, upper torso and the back by the Reiki master. The touch is light and sometimes it just rubs off the body really lightly, unlike a massage. The touch is very non-invasive.

The way a person feels after a Reiki session varies. Some people say that the feel refreshed and can think clearly while many seem to fall asleep. Many people comment on how they felt the Reiki master’s hands getting hot and some say they feel movements of pulsations from the hands. It is very common for people to feel almost nothing after a reiki therapy session but nevertheless, they will lighter and better in a period of time. During the session, many people feel themselves to be hovering in a deep sleep like state while being fully conscious of their surroundings. The most common and basic feeling after a Reiki session is the feelings of relaxation and comfort. So make sure to visit Molly Coeling to get a magical experience of Reiki and astonish and relax.