Unblocking The Drain

One of the most common problems that a plumber is called for is the problem of a sewage line that does not drain properly. This is a particularly annoying problem and one that can make an entire bathroom useless for any person who wishes to use it. In most cases when you have a drain that will not drain the water quickly enough, you will see the water collect over it and then start to flow in very slowly. This is extremely unhygienic and can be a sick sight to see. On the other hand sometimes when a drain does not drain water properly, old, dirty water consistently comes out of the drain and makes a mess on the floor, not to mention the horrible smell that also comes with that water. It is an extremely disgusting situation and one that is not usually easily fixed.

Quite a lot of people try and fix problems like these by themselves. People will try using a bit of cleaning acid or drain opening acid and attempt to pour it down the drain so that they can open it up, people will try using a thin stick and using it to try and remove any obstruction, people will try quite a lot of different things. However, in most cases these things will not work. What you need to do is hire a professional plumber who has had training and has some experience with these sorts of problems.

Plumbers are usually able to tell what kind of problem has come up and why. It might be a major obstruction, it might be a sewage plug that was removed, it might even be the roots of a tree getting in the way. Whatever it is you need a a solid plumber, like Damien McEvoy Plumbing to take care of it.