Time to Call an Arborist: Tree Diseases And The Symptoms

With rapidly changing climate situations, residents who have trees in their homes need to be extra aware of their tree diseases. Below are a few symptoms which may alarm you and hence you may take precautionary measures.

The most common one is Phythoptora Ramorum. The biggest symptoms are that black seepage on the bark of the trunk and the blackening of the leaves as well. This disease is contagious and can bring down scores of trees at once hence it is very essential you visit Centaur Tree Services website and call us to get your tree checked. This disease also spread from trees to plants so you should be extra careful of it.

The Dutch elm disease for trees is another fairly common tree disease. This disease is so serious that it has killed more than 20million trees in 2 times. This is only limited to elm trees and it is better to call your local arborist at the very first symptom of this disease, which is what you should do considering the importance of trees in our lives and the returns they give to us as health benefits and beauty.

Another disease is the acute Oak Decline. This causes the bark to get thinner than usual and it is very dangerous and it can cause the tree to fall and it poses a serious health hazard. It can damage your home, car, your family members or anything or anyone. The disease causes lesions and splits in the bark.

Other numerous diseases are present too, such as Chalara Dieback which are equally dangerous for your trees. Hence you should log on to the Centaur Tree Services website and ask for our assistance in saving your tree as they are also very important for survival for you and your family so you should take care of their health like your own.