The Difference Between a Modem And a Router

Nowadays almost any home is filled with all kinds of electrical devices and appliances, many of which are absolute necessities and most people cannot live without them, modems and routers are quite common all over the world and are considered as quite important. These devices bring internet connection to users in an accessible form, everyone knows what they do but there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding these devices. This confusion can cause plenty of frustration for anyone who’s looking to get a new internet connection installed or is trying to fix an existing problem with their internet.

Most modems and routers come in one package nowadays, this is because both devices are needed in order to get an internet connection. The modem is a modulator/demodulator that receives data from an Ethernet or optical cable and then changes it into digital form that can be received by other devices. The router does the distributing part, it acts as a medium that provides internet between multiple devices, they can do this either through a wired connection or a wireless one (Wi-Fi).

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