Bitter Melon For Diabetes

A great little trick to treat your diabetes when you are feeling like your blood sugar might be going up is to try and eat a bitter melon. Bitter melons have been used as a medicinal herb for centuries especially in many Asian cultures. Native to Tropical areas and the Far East the bitter melon has been recommended for many different sicknesses over the decades. But you can also have some types of foods and fruits that can help you regulate the amount of blood sugar that is present in your bodies. Bitter melons are such a fruit. Recent research has shown that a bitter melon is actually a great way to treat diabetes as it has an effect on the human body that reduces blood sugar content and presence.

It is a pretty annoying thing to have to regularly take insulin all the time and not a lot of people are very happy about having to inject insulin on a regular basis. With a disease like diabetes you have to constantly make sure that the blood sugar levels are regulated and that requires a lot of work like having to regularly use diabetes testing strips and also injecting a lot of insulin. However if you are taking bitter melons you won’t have to worry as much about the regular check – ups or having to take insulin as much. While it is not a replacement for the insulin you can still start eating bitter melons to help you with your regulation.

On a post by For Diabetes the results of a research suggest that the active ingredients in the bitter melons that can help you reduce the blood sugar, those ingredients are the charatin, the peptides, and the alkaloids. The peptides especially showed very similar results to the insulin when taken by humans.